Exhbition from 21st September 2017 to 4th October 2017. 

In Espaço Santa Catarina, Lisbon.

“How can I help you?” is a project about the faceless people behind the call centres.

Who are these people with whom we talk on a daily basis? How are their lives? 

This project was shot between February and June 2016 in India and in the Philippines. These two countries together employ more than 2 million people in this industry.

In exhibition there are also two other photo series shot at the same time in Mumbai and in Manila: “Commuting in Mumbai” and “No-where in Manila”. These series show a voyeurist side of José Sarmento Matos. 

“How can I help you?” was published at Newsweek Magazine, Wired, Suddeutsche Zeitung, The New York Times and Lens Blog NYT.

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